STARS Academy's High School Program mirrors the same philosophy and principles of STARS Academy's K-8 program. From Kindergarten through grade 8, STARS Academy's program equips your child to rethink education and become an active learner.

We will be expanding our high school in the year 2022-23 and start with a 9th grade class. In the 2023-24 year, we will have a 9th and 10th grade class, and by 2025-26, our full high school will be in effect.

After completion of our High School, our students are able to use their well-earned academic and personal confidence to launch them into college, career, and life beyond.

Our problem-solving, self-expression, autonomous, student-centered , question-driven philosophy fosters both independent thinking and productive collaboration so your child consistently transforms original ideas into real solutions. All the while, your child comes to deeply know and respect their own interests and capabilities and those of others.

While our students may choose different future paths, in the first few years, we will be collaborating with a part-time College Counselor so that are students are prepared for their future plans. Our College Counselor will individually get to know our students so that they can steer them towards a 4 year college. Our students will participate in PSAT prep at school and our students with have one on one assistance on their college application.

We invite you to find out more about our High School. Please consider our school curriculum and schedule a High School tour.

All STARS Academy high school students are engaged in coursework, take college entrance exams as appropriate (SAT, ACT, EAP), and apply to at least one college. High School exit requirements are successful completion of all coursework listed below.
The interdisciplinary nature of STARS Academy's instructional design allows for a compound course of study to qualify concurrently in more than one subject area.
4 YEARS - HUMANITIES: Integrated Curriculum
  • Social Studies: U.S. History and Geography (1 yr), U.S. Government (1/2 yr), Economics (1/2 yr), World History, Cultures, Geography (2 yrs)
  • English Language Arts: College Prepatory ELA Study (4 yrs)
4 YEARS - MATHEMATICS: College Prepatory Mathematics Sequence
4 YEARS - SCIENCE: College Prepatory Science Sequence
3 YEARS - WORLD LANGUAGE: College Prepatory World Language Sequence
4 YEARS - PERFORMING ARTS: Music and or dance training (instrumental and vocal skills, history, theory, analysis, individual and ensemble performance, composition, and choreography)
4 YEARS - MOVEMENT: Movement/ Agility/ Strength/ Spatial Awareness