Shayna Turk and Alex Yorke have been friends since birth. Spending a majority of their childhood together in musicals helped inspire both of them in their careers.


For the past 18 years, Shayna and Alex have produced over 40 productions through STARS Children’s Theater Program.  In 2014, Shayna and Alex brought a modified version of STARS to Heschel Day School, and several years later brought that same program to CHIME Institute.


Shayna and Alex have also been elementary teachers at LAUSD schools for the past five years. Between the two, they have over ten years of experience in the teaching profession.


When COVID-19 first began and caused changes to the state of education, Shayna and Alex saw an unmet need, and thus STARS Academy was born in the fall of 2020.

Since August of 2020, they have been operating STARS Academy. Their first class included 14 students, and seven teachers in addition to themselves. These teachers have been in either general education or elective teaching positions.

With the upcoming school year (2021-2022), they hope to expand their school and bring this innovative model to more students. Additionally, they will be bringing the STARS theater program to the school.