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Benefits of Drama Classes & Theater Education

There are countless benefits to enrolling your children in drama classes, especially with STARS structured programs and expert teachers. One of the main reasons it’s crucial to expose your child to drama classes focuses on the importance of drama in primary education. Teaching children drama enhances their communication, teamwork, creativity, and even more valuable lifelong skills. With STARS, we strengthen each child’s drama techniques and help them evolve into well rounded students.

Here are some of the main benefits of drama classes and musical theater education:  

  • Promotes Strong Communication: Developing communication skills is an essential characteristic for children to have, and the nature of theater lends itself to developing this necessary skill.  

  • Stimulates Creativity and Imagination: The world of theater always encourages a fun and supportive atmosphere, which helps stimulate creativity. 

  • Express Themselves: Drama is a way to express and channel your inner creativity through engaging the mind, body, and emotions to project the character you play. 

About STARS Camps & Programs

At Shayna Turk’s Academy of Rising STARS, we provide a summer camp, after school camps, and even more ways for your child to have fun while they receive a theater education. Our camp, and drama programs strive to make a positive impact on your child’s life and provide a special opportunity to be hands-on in the efforts to prepare for a production. Our camp provides roles for students with various skill sets and experience. They’re ideal for anyone interested in enhancing their musical theater techniques and confidence. 

When it comes to the importance of drama in primary education, we understand and have seen first-hand the huge impact it has on growing children. Let us show your children the magic of theater. To learn more about our camps and programs, view our registration page to see when the next session begins, and see why kids love STARS.

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