Our curriculum consists of core subjects (Humanities [ Language Arts, Writing & Social Studies], Math, Science) and elective/ research times. We align our curriculum to the Common Core and NGSS Standards.

We choose three musicals each year that span history in sequential order. In 2020-2021 we used Hamilton, Newsies, and Hairspray to tie together a common theme of "It’s the Revolution" and covered the years 1500-1970. We use a different lens to approach history as well. Last year we studied American History and next year we will focus on World History. This allows our students to obtain multiple exposures and perspectives to similar content. Additionally, we tie in current events to the history we are studying and show how events in history are relevant to today.

Our writing curriculum is connected to the historical lessons of the week/musical. We use all stages of the writing process, provide individualized support, and break into groups based on the need for support. We study all types of writing - persuasive, opinion, informative, narrative, informational, descriptive, and letter.
For math, we use flexible, mixed-age groupings. This allows us to divide groups by the content and needs of our students. The topics we focus on are taken from the Common Core standards. We use real-life applications (budgets, balancing a checkbook, re-doing your house) to teach and do not use worksheets. We teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills through a student-centered lens. We believe in students working through a productive struggle (the process of effortful learning that develops grit and creative problem solving; a state of engagement that enables students to work through increasingly challenging problems and new problems they have never seen before). 
Our science curriculum is NGSS aligned and involves project-based learning. We teach in thematic units that involve group work, high-interest topics, and creativity. We connect the science topics to everyday life so that they see the relevance of what they are learning.